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Welcome to the ICWR. The ICWR is an  international organization comprised of meteorologists, researchers, storm chasers, and others from around the world who are interested in the field of waterspouts.


To foster the advancement of waterspout research and development.

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Waterspout Headlines on Twitter

See where waterspouts have been occurring around the world.
Red = recent. Blue = previous reports (since October 29, 2020). Click on the waterspout icons to see pictures and details of each report. Larger map.

Waterspout Potential Forecast (3-hour intervals. Valid 1 pm EDT, December 5 to 7 am EDT, December 7)

Waterspout Index color key: The warmer the color, the higher the waterspout potential. Note: Waterspouts occur when both waterspout potential and low-level convergence (i.e. fronts, troughs, land breezes, etc.) are present at the same time.

Waterspout Photo of the Month
Byblos, Lebanon. November 1
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