The International Centre For Waterspout Research (ICWR), "understanding our atmosphere through global cooperation"


Welcome to the ICWR. Founded in 2008, the ICWR is an independent non-gorvernmental organization comprised of individuals from around the world who are interested in the field of waterspouts from a research, operational and safety perspective. Originally conceived as a forum for researchers and meteorologists, the ICWR has now expanded interest and contribution from storm chasers, the media, the marine and aviation communities and from private individuals.


  • Foster the advancement of waterspout research and forecasting
  • Provide an international forum for the exchange of information among researchers and meteorologists
  • Facilitate the reporting of waterspouts from around the world from storm chasers and other interested individuals
  • Promote, educate and communicate to academic institutions, the media, marine and aviation communities and private individuals



  • Global Waterspout Forecast System (GWFS)
  • Global Waterspout Database (GWD)
  • Global Waterpsout Watch Network (GWWN)

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Director: Wade Szilagyi (Canada)

Executive Committee: Michalis Sioutas (ELGA, Meteorological Applications Centre, Greece). Alexander Keul (Vienna University of Technology, Austria). Tanja Gumhalter (Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia)

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