I would like to welcome you to the ICWR! These are exciting times in science and technology, and the ICWR is here to be a part of it. The ICWR is a relatively new independent global organization dedicated to the advancement of waterspout research and forecasting. With growing interest in waterspouts from around the world, the ICWR has mandated itself to promote, educate and communicate information regarding this phenomenon. 

     With increased marine and aviation traffic throughout the world, the likelihood of encountering a waterspout is growing. Waterspouts are a known hazard and there have been numerous reports of small boats being capsized and small aircraft experiencing severe turbulence in waterspouts. The ICWR is here to promote waterspout safety and to encourage the development of new waterspout forecasting techniques to give advanced warning to the public of this phenomenon. 

     The ICWR is currently developing exciting international projects where individuals from scientists to meteorologists to storm chasers to private citizens can all contribute (see Projects). It's this international cooperation and background variety that makes the ICWR unique. All are welcome to join the ICWR!

     Outcomes of the ICWR are already being realized with the internationally joint publication of research papers (see publications). This cooperation continues with further papers planned to be released. Another outcome is the development of a waterspout reporting system where individuals can send in waterspout sightings from anywhere around the world. This is the first of it's kind and will help establish a global waterspout climatology.

     Feel free to visit the ICWR often to see what's new including features such as the "Photo of the week", the "Waterspout Event of the Month", as well as waterspout images that are frequently being uploaded.

     To join the ICWR, send us your request and you will be contacted with further information.


Best wishes,

Wade Szilagyi


Director, ICWR